Industrial workplaces

What are industrial jobs?

Essential even in times of automation: industrial jobs

As part of the ongoing development towards Industry 4.0, more and more work processes are being automated. Nevertheless, there is still a certain range of tasks that need to be performed manually. In the context of industrial workplaces, ergonomics is therefore important in order to reduce work-related injuries. Ergonomically designed workstations also increase production efficiency and reduce downtime.

An industrial workstation that meets system ergonomic requirements is based on the following aspects:

  • Work table
  • Work chair
  • Workstation mat
  • Lighting
  • Tool/controls

Each of these factors must be ergonomically designed in its own right, for example through the adjustability of the desk or intuitive handling of the controls. This prevents incorrect posture and excessive strain on isolated areas of the body, which in turn ensures the user's performance.


Logistik-Lexikon Industrielle Arbeitsplätze

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