Industrial trucks

What are floor conveyors?

Most goods and raw materials are too bulky and heavy to carry just like that. Therefore, in logistics as well as in industry and trade, a wide variety of floor conveyors are used to move goods.

This type of funding can be moved freely along the "corridor", which is where the name comes from. Transport equipment such as cranes, for example, that move goods vertically are called overhead conveyors.

Industrial trucks: These types are available

Most of the floor conveyors in use are trackless. These include:

  • Forklift
  • Low lift truck
  • Tractor
  • Scissor lift truck
  • Eclectic lift truck
  • Lift truck with scale
  • Manual lift truck

In addition to these, there is also track-bound material handling equipment, such as the freight trolley. This enables the transport of particularly heavy goods and raw materials and is mostly used in industry. Guided floor conveyors also exist, but are rather rare. These systems usually do not require drivers.


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