Industrial computers in continuous use

Industrial computers in continuous use

In industry and logistics, work processes often run around the clock - regardless of the time of day or night. As most work processes only function with the help of special industrial computers, these also run continuously. This results in certain requirements for both the software and the hardware, which must be taken into account when manufacturing these computers.

How industrial computers are equipped for continuous use

Protection against environmental influences plays a very important role for industrial computers in continuous use. Both in the warehouse and in production, there are often extreme conditions that normal computers cannot withstand for long. These include:

  • Dust and dirt
  • Moisture and splash water
  • Vibrations, shock and impacts
  • Heat and cold

In order to withstand these influences even in continuous use, most industrial computers have robust, air- and water-impermeable housings. They are also often equipped with a thick and shatterproof touchscreen for easy operation.


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