Industrial computers

What are industrial computers (IPC)?

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An industrial PC, also known as an IPC, is specially designed in terms of its components for use in industrial working environments. The industrial computer is therefore particularly robust, is based on powerful processors and can be individually adapted to the respective application. Classic peripherals, which are standard on a personal computer (PC), are missing or limited to the intended use.

Typical aspects of an industrial computer:

  • Robust against harsh environments (including dust, water, splash water, cold, heat)
  • High, specific processor capacities according to the intended use
  • Reduced energy requirement
  • Long-term availability
  • Maintenance-friendly or completely maintenance-free
  • Protection against scratches, vibrations or external shocks

Advantages of using industrial computers

Unlike conventional computers, industrial PCs are specially designed for adverse working conditions. They remain fully functional even under extreme conditions, withstand vibrations and are fully equipped with high-performance technology for continuous operation.

Industrial computers are used, for example, in process visualization, as control elements in industrial automation, for robot-assisted tasks in manufacturing and production and in safety technology.


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