Industrial Automation

What is industrial automation?

For economic processes: Industrial automation in logistics

Whether in order picking, in the handling of purchasing and sales, or in the reduction of error rates: Industrial automation creates the basis for more efficient processes. The term generally refers to automation technology that uses operating elements (gripper robots, etc.) to increase production and manufacturing throughput.

Possible areas of application are found above all in such tasks that are characterized by a high degree of repetition and monotony. Typically, therefore, warehouse logistics processes are optimized by industrial automation. Industrial robots are connected to the application control system by means of software, so that, if necessary, they can be used for processes can be intervened in manually.

Overview of the goals and advantages of industrial automation

  • Increase in production throughput
  • Reduction of error rates
  • Relief of personnel by elimination of monotonous, partly non-ergonomic tasks
  • Better planning of production due to higher plant productivity


Logistik-Lexikon Industrie Automation

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