What are headsets?

A headset is a combination of headphones and microphone. The great advantage of a headset is that the user can communicate without an earpiece or microphone. This means that the headset can be used for speaking and listening at the same time. The requirements for a headset can vary greatly, so a decision should be made according to the individual needs.

Headset for pick-by-voice

With pick-by-voice applications, headsets can also be used in logistics, industry, retail or production. In order picking, a voice-supported dialog system such as pick-by-voice can improve the productivity of work processes and ensure efficient implementation through hands-free work with the support of a headset.

The typical design of a headset consists of headphones with two earpieces and a microphone. The shells can be joined together with a neckband or headband. With this variant, ambient noise is harder to hear because both ears are covered. The version with an earcup is even better at picking up sounds in the surroundings.

The transmission technology between wired and wireless headsets is a relevant difference in headsets. Wireless models are often referred to as wireless headsets. This includes above all the Bluetooth technology, which impresses with its long operating time and low power consumption. Other technical options for wireless headsets include WLAN headsets and a radio frequency connection. For wired headsets, the insensitivity to interference signals or the direct power supply is classified as positive.



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What are headsets?


Benutzung Headset als Hilfsmittel im Lager


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