Flow rack

What is flow rack?

Flow racks are racks that can be loaded with pallets or containers from one side, while the goods are removed from the other side. Flow racks are often used in the picking of smaller loading aids. Qualitatively good loading aids and packaging units as well as few different weights of the individual units are the prerequisite for a flow rack.

Advantages of the flow rack:

  • Use of the FiFo principle
  • Better use of space due to the elimination of many shelf aisles
  • The system can be automated
  • Compact storage on a small footprint
  • Unproblematic inventory control

Disadvantages of the flow rack:

  • Goods can fall out or get stuck
  • Driving onto other goods could damage them
  • High investment costs
  • Additional load securing may be required
  • High maintenance costs



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What is flow rack?


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