ERP Touch System

What is an ERP touch system?

ERP touch systems in logistics

ERP touch systems are used in logistics to be able to plan with one's own available resources (ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning). These systems are mostly managed on so-called ERP terminals. For example, these can be placed on the walls or shelves in a warehouse. There you will then enable an overview of the stored goods and much more information.

What tasks can an ERP touch system perform?

ERP touch systems are widely used, especially in procurement logistics. There they are installed in warehouses, for example, where they provide access to important information and the warehouse management system with easy operation. These tasks can be performed by such a system:

  • The procurement of goods
  • The determination of the need
  • The warehouse management
  • The inventory
  • Order processing
  • The disposition of goods

For planning future inventories and procurements, ERP touch systems have become almost indispensable.



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