ERP Terminal

What are ERP terminals in logistics?

ERP refers to Enterprise Resource Planning, i.e. the planning of a company's resources. For this planning, special ERP systems are used in all kinds of industries to control business processes and manage operational resources.

Such ERP systems are also used in logistics and merchandise management. These are then usually installed on special ERP terminals, which are either used for mobile data capture or fulfill other important tasks. The terminals then come in the form of portable tablets, for example, but can also be integrated into warehouse shelves.

Functions of ERP terminals in logistics

ERP terminals play a particularly important role in procurement logistics. Here they provide support with the following tasks:

  • Procurement of goods
  • Determination of requirements
  • Determination of the inventory
  • Warehousing
  • Disposition
  • Processing of orders and the
  • QM (qualitative management)


Logistik-Lexikon ERP Terminal

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