Distribution warehouse

What is a distribution warehouse?

Where almost everything passes through once: The distribution warehouse

Distribution warehouses, or delivery warehouses, represent a central hub of logistics. A well-known example of such a warehouse are the huge warehouses of the online retailer Amazon. But this company is not the only one with numerous distribution warehouses - they are also widely used in the food and automotive industries.

The task of a distribution warehouse is the fast and cost-effective shipment of stored goods. For this purpose, large quantities of products and raw materials are stored in such warehouses. On demand, they can then be shipped as quickly as possible - to companies and end consumers at the same time. The type of goods stored does not matter:

  • Consumer products
  • Raw materials (bulk, gas, liquids)
  • Frozen goods
  • General cargo
  • Spare parts

Distribution warehouses are usually located at central transportation hubs and serve very large areas. The stored goods are usually stored on load carriers such as pallets on high shelves.

Areas of application of a distribution warehouse

Often, distribution warehouses also offer a wide variety of value-added services, such as:

  • Picking
  • Labeling
  • Palletization
  • Disposal logistics

Especially the compilation of new shipments from different stored goods takes place frequently.


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