Disposal logistics

The last link in the logistics chain - disposal logistics

Disposal logistics is the last link in the entire logistics chain. The aim is to dispose of all production residues that cannot be further recycled as cost-effectively as possible.

In order to fulfill this basic task, waste is collected, sorted, stored and transported away for final disposal or recycling. As these are costly matters, care is taken right from the procurement and distribution stages to ensure that as little waste as possible is generated at the end of the process.

The tasks of disposal logistics

Various objectives are pursued in disposal logistics. These include:

  • Waste disposal
  • Avoidance / reduction of waste
  • Organization of the company's own waste disposal system
  • In the case of dangerous goods, the proof of disposal

How is a distinction made in disposal logistics?

The type of disposal logistics can be differentiated in various criteria:

  • The orderly disposal of waste (movable property).
  • The orderly disposal of exhaust air
  • The orderly disposal of wastewater
  • The complete or partial reuse (recycling)
  • The recycling of packaging and means of transport (empties).


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