Digital Warehouse

What is a Digital Warehouse?

The Digital Warehouse seeks to replace large manual efforts with efficient and automated technology and warehousing. This saves on personnel, which in turn reduces costs.

In contrast to a fully automated warehouse, however, lower investments are made possible for the digital warehouse. Instead of automated warehouse racks and picking machines, the focus is on RFID scanners, time management and digital picking methods.

What is the storage process in a digital warehouse?

The process of storage and retrieval in a digital warehouse looks like this:

  • Yard management: Goods are delivered in an evenly distributed manner, for example by allocating fixed time windows for delivery.
  • Storage and retrieval: A scanner at the hall door checks whether the right truck is in front of it. If yes, then the gate opens automatically. During unloading and loading, the forklift automatically scans what is being unloaded.
  • Storage and picking: Picking is fully automated or using digital picking methods. Warehouse management is handled by a special management system.


Logistik-Lexikon Digital Warehouse

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