What is DESADV?

DESADV: The standardized delivery notification as the basis for efficient handling

Increasing digital networking is shaping standards in e-commerce, but also in related areas. For example, the customer asks for specific information on when a delivery can be expected. This information must include the description, the product type and the quantity. A globally established system in this context, which is embedded as a function in the warehouse management system, is called DESADV.

proLogistik explains the term, shows how this electronic delivery notification works and what it means, and explains the added value it offers in practice.

Definition of DESADV: What exactly is it about?

The term DESADV stands for despatch advice and describes a standardized, electronic delivery notification. It contains important information about the program as such, in particular:

  • Description of the delivery/goods
  • Breakdown of details
  • Information about timely or delayed delivery

DESADV functions as an electronic shipping notification within the EANCOM® standard, which in turn represents the state-of-the-art standard in the consumer goods industry. EANCOM® in turn is a subset of EDIFACT, an internationally used data format for the representation and use of electronic data.

This means that DESADV provides certain information about the delivery in a standardized format that shippers can use in a targeted manner. For example, in the event of a late delivery that affects production processes. In this context, DESADV is to be understood as an electronic delivery notification, i.e. a type of delivery bill that is made available to the customer before the delivery is received.

Functionality and significance of DESADV in business transactions

The more closely individual work steps and processes are interlinked, the better they can be coordinated. Nevertheless, certain information is needed, especially where one step follows the next - and the entire process comes to a standstill if preliminary products or auxiliary materials are not available on time. An electronic shipping notification, i.e. the specific announcement of a delivery, makes it possible to design production precisely for this purpose.

  • Notifications about delays help to check alternatives or change processes.
  • Electronic notifications based on DESADV limit the delivery time so that processes can be planned at an early stage.
  • Time savings as a result of DESADV reporting have a positive effect on productivity, which in turn benefits competitiveness.

Not to forget: Unlike the classic paper-based delivery bill, an electronic delivery notification is available at an early stage. Important information, including weight, quantity and delivery description, helps you plan the next steps. Compatibility is also ensured, as DESADV is a standardized, internationally recognized format.

DESADV: Can be used independently of the ERP system

The structure of the file format, which characterizes each DESADV message, can be read by any common ERP or merchandise management system. Data can be exported without any problems, which may be necessary. ensures conversion to the respective target format. DESADV can therefore be used to ensure synchronization with the merchandise management system, which in turn significantly reduces manual effort. Everything that is necessary for this is visible by means of a barcode scan.

The following data and information can be found in a DESADV message:

  • Document date
  • Order number
  • Supplier
  • Buyer or ordering party
  • Invoice recipient
  • Consignee
  • Item number of the buyer
  • Item number

Important: By exchanging DESADV files, mutually significant processes between suppliers and recipients can be clearly communicated. This is particularly important in the food sector, as procurement and distribution are crucial to efficient business processes. By providing a central and clear overview of which delivery arrives when exactly and in what form, goods receipts can be controlled in the best possible way. This in turn forms the basis for cross-docking processes or delivery to individual points of sale. DESADV enables efficient warehouse management - which is why every warehouse management system (WMS) has a corresponding function.


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