What is logistical storage?

In logistics, putaway describes the transfer of goods to a warehouse. The goods to be stored are first delivered, unloaded, packed for storage if necessary and then put into storage.

Nowadays, warehouse management systems are used to document this process. In order to always be able to display the current stock level, all goods receipts and issues must be posted.

How can storage take place?

Storage can be carried out using one of two strategies:

  • Flexible storage (chaotic storage)
  • Rigid storage (fixed storage system)

With flexible putaway, no item is assigned a fixed storage location. Instead, the next best storage bin that is suitable for the item in question is used. This type of storage allows for more flexible use of the storage space, but each storage location must be stored precisely in a warehouse management system.

With fixed storage, each item has its own fixed storage location. Maximum stock levels often have to be set for the goods so that the respective storage bins have sufficient space.


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