Radio data transmission devices

What are radio data transmission devices?

Nowadays, radio data transmission devices are mainly used in warehouses in logistics. These mobile devices can be connected to a management system and used to perform numerous tasks. These include, for example:

Depending on requirements, these devices can also be customized in terms of hardware and software. They are therefore not only a loyal tool for warehouse staff, but also for colleagues in the office.

What are the advantages of radio data transmission devices in logistics?

The biggest advantage of radio data transmission devices is their mobility. This means they can be used to perform tasks anywhere in the warehouse. Connected to the warehouse management system via WLAN, employees always have all the information they need at their fingertips.

Order picking is also much easier with the use of these devices. Some radio data transmission devices already have their own integrated scanners. These can be used to document incoming and outgoing goods in real time. Picking orders are transferred to the mobile device without any problems and can then be displayed there.


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