Dangerous Goods Ordinance

What is a dangerous goods regulation?

Dangerous goods regulations regulate and secure the transport of dangerous goods on all transport routes. The various dangerous goods regulations describe what must be observed when transporting goods. The aim is to protect people and nature from the potential hazards of certain goods by preventing damage to these goods.

By these regulations are regulated:

  • The correct packaging of dangerous goods
  • The correct marking of the goods
  • The proper documentation
  • The correct transport of the goods

The correct storage of dangerous goods is also prescribed in the dangerous goods regulations.

What are the dangerous goods regulations?

There is a separate dangerous goods regulation for each mode of transport. Different regulations may also apply to domestic and international shipments.

On German roads, railroads and inland waterways, the GGVSEB, the Dangerous Goods Ordinance for Road, Rail and Inland Waterways, applies. For international shipments, the DGR (IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations) apply to air freight and the IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code) to sea freight.


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