The container in logistics - what is it?

The term container is widely used in logistics and transportation. It describes the combination of different goods and materials. A container turns many individual goods, materials or raw materials into a manageable unit. This facilitates both transportation and the storage and retrieval of goods. Storage itself can also usually be carried out in a more space-saving manner.

However, the container also has different meanings in logistics:

  • Packaging with filling
  • An entire package (for example a wrapped pallet with goods)
  • An empty package

However, a container is always a packaged unit, regardless of whether it is full or empty. A single package can also be a bundle, i.e. a single carton.

These types of containers are available

The term container is used for a wide variety of packaging types and items. These include:

  • Foiled pallets
  • Barrels
  • Beer crates
  • Plastic container

Containers are also differentiated according to their frequency of use:

  • Reusable containers
  • Two-way container
  • Disposable container



Image: pluie_r / Shutterstock

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