The container in logistics - what is it?

The term container is widely used in logistics and transportation. It describes the combination of a wide variety of goods and materials. A container turns many individual goods, materials or raw materials into a manageable unit. This facilitates both the transport and the storage and retrieval of goods. Also, the storage itself can be carried out in this way usually saves space.

However, the container also has different meanings in logistics:

  • Packing with filling
  • A whole package (for example, a foiled pallet with goods)
  • An empty package

However, a container is always a packaged unit, whether full or empty. Also in single collo can be a pack, that is, a single carton.

These are the types of containers

The term container is used for a wide variety of packaging types and things. These include:

  • Foiled pallets
  • Barrels
  • Beer crates
  • Plastic container

Containers are also differentiated according to their frequency of use:

  • Reusable container
  • Two-way container
  • Disposable container


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