Computer in continuous use

Computers for continuous use: In logistics and industry

In logistics and industry, many computers are operated in continuous use. This is because, for example, production runs continuously, or certain systems must always be switched on to keep administrative systems up to date.

Computers must have the following features for continuous operation

In order to run all day as well as uninterrupted, computers must meet some requirements for continuous use. Normal office or home PCs are not up to these requirements. These are the advantages that logistics and industrial computers have over their conventional relatives in continuous operation:

  • Active energy management for reduced power consumption
  • Use of special components to extend the service life
  • Robust and high-quality housings and / or touchscreens to withstand the environmental influences in the warehouse or production
  • Upgradeable and compatible to be adapted to work processes

Also, most computers require special software that must function equally well in continuous use. This includes, for example, warehouse management or data acquisition software.


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