Cloud computing for logistics

Cloud computing for logistics: transparent processes for greater efficiency

As the demands on logistics processes increase, so does the need for intelligent IT solutions. Cloud computing makes it possible to make better use of complex data volumes and thus form a basis for decision-making. The advantage of the cloud is that the management and maintenance of IT infrastructure is outsourced. This increases flexibility in terms of warehouse management and ensures scalability.

Aspects that cloud computing supports in logistics

  • Central connection of all logistically relevant data
  • Better basis for decision-making (keyword: predictive analysis)
  • Reduction of the picking effort
  • Cost-effective assurance of a high level of IT security

In short: cloud computing creates the basis for complex, adaptable logistics processes without the need for lengthy and expensive investments in your own IT infrastructure. A large number of interfaces also make it possible to integrate and migrate data from different sources.


Logistik-Lexikon Cloud Computing für die Logistik

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