Cantilever bearing

What is a cantilever bearing in logistics?

Cantilever bearings are special types of bearing that enable the storage of particularly bulky goods. Cantilever racking, also known as longspan racking, forms the backbone of a cantilever warehouse.

These consist of a stand and a base that rests horizontally against it. The cantilever arms, which can be flexibly attached to the uprights, are then attached to this base frame. This means that even very bulky goods can be stored efficiently.

Cantilever racking is specially designed for the storage of, for example:

  • Metal beam
  • Tubes
  • Wooden panels
  • Whole machines
  • Profiles

What advantages do cantilever bearings offer in logistics?

A cantilever bearing has many advantages:

  • Space saving through individual adaptation to different goods and sizes
  • Simple assembly: The individual elements are stackable and can be assembled quickly and easily
  • Compacting possible: shelves can be mounted on sliding bases, making even better use of space
  • Versatility: cantilever warehouses can store many different goods and raw materials


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