Bulk goods

What is a bulk material?

Bulk goods are one of the most frequently transported main goods. It belongs to the type of goods that are stored open or loose. Bulk material is defined by the grain size, the distribution of the grains and their bulk density. They are usually stored in silos or outside if they are not sensitive to the weather.

Types of bulk material:

  • Food: sugar, salt, coffee, flour or cereals
  • Building materials: sand, gravel, cement or topsoil
  • Raw materials: road salt, ore or coal
  • Fillers: granulates, pellets or pigments

Bulk goods are usually moved via conveyor belts for handling and processing. Various means of transport with different load carriers are available for transportation.

Load carriers for the transportation of bulk goods:

  • Road haulage: Construction waste is transported on open truck loaders.
  • Rail freight transport: Bulk goods are generally transported in special silo wagons.
  • Maritime transport: Bulk goods are transported in special bunkers or bulk cargo holds on ships.


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