Built-in monitors

What are built-in monitors?

Built-in monitors are used in manufacturing and logistics to provide access to specific systems and programs at a fixed point. These robust monitors can mostly be operated by touch and have many advantages:

  • Easy operation for employees
  • Resistant due to robust housing
  • Can be customized circumstances

How are built-in monitors used in logistics?

Built-in monitors can be used in numerous areas of logistics and production.

In logistics, such monitors are mainly found in the warehouse. Built-in monitors serve here, for example, as forklift terminals and are attached to forklifts. These then serve as compact on-board computers. But a built-in monitor can also serve as an access point for the warehouse management system. In this case, they are most often placed on gates or the ends of shelves.

In production, built-in monitors are mainly used for control and monitoring of the producing machines. With easy operation, however, it can also be used to access the master data.



Image: gwycech / Shutterstock

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