Built-in monitors

What are built-in monitors?

Built-in monitors are used in the manufacturing industry and logistics to ensure access to certain systems and programs at a fixed point. These robust monitors can usually be operated by touch and have many advantages:

  • Simple operation for employees
  • Resistant due to robust housing
  • Can be adapted to individual circumstances

How are built-in monitors used in logistics?

Built-in monitors can be used in numerous areas of logistics and production.

In logistics, such monitors are mainly found in warehouses. Built-in monitors are used here as forklift terminals, for example, and are attached to forklift trucks. These then serve as compact on-board computers. However, a built-in monitor can also serve as an access point for the warehouse management system. In this case, they are usually attached to gates or the ends of shelves.

In production, built-in monitors are primarily used to control and monitor production machines. However, they can also be used to access master data with ease.


Built-in monitors

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