Brown goods

Brown goods: a fixed term for consumer electronics

With the rise of mass consumption in the 1950s, a revolution took place on a small scale. Instead of mechanical, manual processes, masses of technical helpers such as refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines came onto the market.

Four terms were used for categorization:

Brown goods

All consumer electronics, such as televisions, computers or hi-fi systems, are referred to as brown goods. This is due to the often brown wooden decorations that characterized the products of the time.

White goods

Classic kitchen appliances, such as gas or electric stoves, refrigerators or dishwashers, were basically white and were labeled accordingly.

Red goods

Heaters or radiators were referred to as red goods because of the heat they radiated.

Gray goods

Everything that can be assigned to information technology in the broadest sense is referred to as gray goods. These include telephones and other products.

So what are brown goods? In short, everything that is visually distinct from the categories shown above.


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