Bearing marking

What is meant by bearing identification?

Clear warehouse labeling ensures efficiency and productivity in the warehouse and creates security in warehouse processes. Because order and structure ensure that goods can be found quickly in any warehouse. Depending on the type of bearing, different bearing markings are used.

What are the bearing types?

  • Shipping warehouse or also central warehouse: shipping of goods
  • Production warehouse: material supply
  • Magazine warehouse: production maintenance
  • Outside storage: Often temporary storage for goods with low turnover frequency

Various labels, markers and signs are available for warehouse identification.

What are the types of bearing identification?

  • Storage bin labels
  • Frozen food labels
  • Magnetic labels
  • Bearing plates
  • Retroreflective labels

What are the advantages of warehouse labeling?

  • Acceleration of the storage processes
  • Optimization of workflows
  • Reduction of search trips
  • Increase employee productivity


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