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What are PDA terminals?

A wide variety of data is collected in industry and logistics. This is mainly for accurate documentation of production and goods movements. This process of data collection is called plant data collection, or PDC for short. To collect data and control the process, special systems are used in which all data are collected.

The PDA terminals provide access to these systems. These allow employees to access all captured data on a mobile device in real time and directly on site. Individual data can also be recorded directly via these terminals.

In the following, you will learn exactly which data is recorded and displayed with the PDA terminals. We also clarify where they are used and what advantages they bring.

What data can PDA terminals record?

PDA terminals can record a wide range of different operating data. These are divided into the following groups:

  • Organizational operating data
  • Technical operating data

In logistics, the PDA terminals primarily collect organizational data. This includes, for example, specific order data such as numbers, quantities, weights, dimensions and quality. But also the current status of an order or the time required for a picking process can be recorded precisely.

In addition, PDC terminals can also record and display personnel data. In this way, the working hours of the employees can be precisely recorded and the wage can also be calculated on the basis of this. The terminal can also be used for access control with the stored personnel data. This is especially helpful in a warehouse for customs or even hazardous goods.

But technical operating data is also recorded by the PDA terminals. These are particularly important in industry for production, because they can be used, for example, to record the exact production key figures.

In warehouse logistics, however, some technical data is also required, which is necessary for the correct storage of certain goods. This includes, for example, the machine data:

  • Temperature measurement in the storage room (for frozen goods)
  • Fault messages from automated warehouse components
  • Consumption of loading aids
  • Personnel intervention in the machines

Process data such as the setting data of the automated racking systems, for example, can also be called up and edited via PDA terminals.

Where are PDC terminals used in logistics?

PDA terminals are mainly used in industry. Here they can be found at the employees' workplaces, but also directly at the producing machines. They thus create direct access to the user interfaces of the machines.

In logistics, PDA terminals are mainly found in the warehouse. Here, they serve to control the inventory, can assist with picking or regulate access control through the stored personnel data.

What advantages do PDA terminals offer?

PDC terminals offer several advantages when used:

  • They are user friendly
  • Smooth and fast implementation
  • Flexible data acquisition and display

In addition, they allow a very high flexibility of the associated systems. These enable the PDC terminals to be adapted exactly to the respective requirements everywhere. The hardware can also be adapted to the requirements, for example by adding special interfaces to communicate directly with machines or floor conveyors.

In order to stand up to their environment, PDA terminals are always robustly built and thus protected from external influences. These include:

  • Splash water
  • Jet water
  • Dust and dirt
  • Vibrations
  • Shocks


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