Batch picking

What is batch picking?

Simply explained: Batch picking

In batch picking, incoming picking orders are planned and executed according to a specific principle. This type of picking is also called Multi Order Picking. Here, different orders are combined in order to divide them again according to individual articles. An order picker therefore picks large quantities of an item from the shelf in batches, which are then distributed to the respective picking orders at the packing tables.

In this batch mode picking, the required articles are grouped together in a so-called batch, an article-pure stack. In a first picking stage they are taken from the shelf, and in the second stage they are distributed again depending on the order. Therefore, this type of picking is also called two-stage.

Where is batch picking applied?

The batch process in logistics is mainly used in these industries:

  • Fashion/Fashion
  • Food
  • E-commerce
  • Non-Food

The biggest advantage of batch picking is the saving of walking distances and thus time.


Logistik-Lexikon Batch Kommisionierung

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