Barcode scanner

What is a barcode scanner?

Today, barcodes and the associated barcode scanner are simply indispensable in retail and logistics as an interface between the flow of goods and information. But which solution is suitable for which application? Where are the strengths and weaknesses of the offered barcode scanners via radio or laser scanner, optionally wired or as Bluetooth variant. The multitude of possibilities this opens up is immense: inventory management and permanent stocktaking, shipment and batch tracking, paperless picking, multi-order picking, automatic generation of delivery bills and invoices, material flow optimization and much more.

What are the selection criteria for barcode scanners?

  • Arrangement of the barcode on the unit
  • Quality / nature of the barcodes used
  • Reading distance and reading height
  • Ambient light and temperatures
  • Scan angle and the desired depth of field
  • Required protection class
  • Conveyor speed of the transporting goods

What are the choices for barcode scanners?

  • Reading pens / OCR scanners
  • Projection scanner / freehand scanner
  • Office or light industrial scanners (wireless and wired)
  • Industrial scanner up to protection class IP65 (wireless and wired)



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What is a barcode scanner?


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