What is AutoStore?

AutoStore: The innovative storage technology from Norway

In the logistics sector, effectiveness is not just a hollow "phrase", but both an aspiration and an incentive. Only those companies that optimize their material flow in the best possible way and manage it efficiently can derive competitive advantages from this. However, storage capacities can often not be expanded at will, their space is limited and their structure is often only adapted in step with a higher production capacity. One system that promises to help here is AutoStore.

To explain: AutoStore has revolutionized the automated small parts warehouse with an approach that allows containers to be stacked directly on top of each other - controlled by a robot that significantly reduces the error rate. This means that increasing storage capacity can be realized even in the smallest of spaces and adapted to the operational conditions.

Functionality even in the smallest of spaces: AutoStore as a modern solution for small parts storage

Investments in new warehouse capacities are expensive and lengthy, and are preceded by a complex planning phase. This not only inhibits potential companies that shy away from the risk, but also requires a holistic view of the company's own intralogistics. This is exactly where AutoStore comes in, as the system is based on a container rack that works with fast-moving items at the top and slow-moving items further down - this allows any goods to be stacked and stored directly on top of each other.

The highlight: the fully automated AutoStore storage system can be adapted to the spatial restrictions on site as required. This means that order picking workstations can be arranged as required to achieve higher storage capacities without major adjustments.

The advantages of AutoStore at a glance

The basic structure of AutoStore is similar to a static storage system, but the robot-guided structure enables sorting at any time, including the storage of goods. Transfer of containers. The warehouse management system (WMS) can be used to "pre-schedule" orders to a certain extent if it is clear that they will be needed soon. We would like to describe the advantages of AutoStore in more detail below.

  • Implementation of a high picking speed for small containers
  • Optimum utilization of existing areas and room dimensions, in particular by dispensing with shelf aisles
  • Closed system so that influencing factors such as theft or soiling can be excluded
  • Modular design that can be easily adapted to any storage space
  • High throughput and cost savings thanks to effective energy utilization of the robots
  • Realization of 24-hour operation thanks to automation

However, please note: As AutoStore is specially designed for small parts, there are naturally restrictions in terms of dimensions and permissible weight (max. 30 kg). This reduces the number of possible goods, making this storage system particularly suitable for spare parts, mail order goods and the like.

AutoStore: Expansion of storage capacity can be realized without new construction

The trend towards automation in the field of intralogistics goes hand in hand with an increasing need for flexibility. Given the variety of products, many companies are faced with the challenge of matching storage capacity to actual demand. AutoStore is an innovative solution that does not require any expansion of the workforce or the available space. The storage technology is economical, can be controlled fully automatically and at the same time offers maximum storage density.

In short: with AutoStore, once a system has been implemented, it can be adapted to new requirements as required, using only additional bin locations and robots. And all this without lengthy planning phases or downtime, but during ongoing operation. Although the system requires a certain initial investment and regular maintenance, this is amortized accordingly due to the increase in efficiency.



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