Automation in logistics - why is it important?

Nowadays, the automation of work processes no longer only takes place in production, but also in many other segments such as logistics. The aim of automation is to increase efficiency and productivity and improve process quality. Along with digitalization, this means that information can be made available faster and faster.

Examples of automated logistics areas

Automation is not possible in all areas - at least not yet. However, there are certain areas in which work processes have already been partially or even fully automated or are developing in this direction.

These areas are largely located in warehouse logistics. This is because the same workflows always take place in these processes.

These include:

  • Incoming goods with automatic unloading
  • Outgoing goods with automatic palletizing, film wrapping and loading
  • Automated warehousing (fully automated storage systems, e.g. small parts warehouses)
  • Automatic picking or semi-automatic support during picking (pick by light, pick by voice)



Image: pluie_r / Shutterstock

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