Article unit

Article unit: The basis for distribution

Some important information is needed to map warehouse changes completely and transparently. These are summarized in the article master data. In this context, the item unit refers to the smallest available unit or package size of the product in question.

This information enables order pickers to plan the load units precisely. The container size is then used to designate the item unit as a manually or mechanically handled loading unit.

The sales unit, on the other hand, is created when individual item units are combined. They therefore do not necessarily correspond to the sales unit ("1 piece"), but are always combined into saleable units ("1 pack of 10 pieces").

Important: The function of an item unit is to accurately represent the stock of goods. The synonymously used term "assortment" is therefore not to be equated with "article".


Logistik-Lexikon Artikeleinheit

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