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Telematics in logistics with real-time tracking

Logistics through real-time data: AIS alfaplan Telematics

More transparency and efficiency

Especially when it comes to telematics solutions, every company has individual requirements for all digital processes. With AIS Telematics we offer our customers a proven, reliable telematics system that can be adapted to the needs of any company.

The three product packages of the system, Basic, Expert & Premium, are perfectly built on each other. From a track & trace function to permanently updated arrival times (ETA) to the digital mapping of a wide variety of order management processes – with more than 70 modules, AIS Telematik offers a suitable set of application options for customers from all industries.

Dispatchers thus not only have a reliable overview of the position of orders, vehicles, trailers and swap bodies, including GPS location, goods location and goods tracking. Smooth digital data exchange in real time and proof documentation can also reduce their communication effort with the vehicle by up to ninety percent.

Scanning workflows down to the package/colli level allow mobile-captured order information to be exchanged in real time with enterprise resource planning or the transport management system (TMS), for example during delivery scanning or scanning of loading and unloading operations.

Real-time data for all stakeholders

90% less communication effort between dispatch & vehicle.

The complete range of functions

At a glance:
  • Digital order management
  • Barcode scanning incl. automatic collective delivery of delivery bills / forwarding orders
  • Permanent calculation of estimated arrival & delivery times
  • Track & Trace
  • Online training
  • Freely configurable geofence
  • Shift break logic
  • Loading means dialog incl. Actual-target comparison
  • Proactive customer avisation
  • Extensive reporting
  • Vehicle departure control
  • Container & loading unit departure control
  • Driver registration / driving test
  • Driver greeting / birthday greetings
  • Driver News
  • Container, swap body & loading unit management incl. Location (workflow-controlled)
  • Loading and unloading voltage from stock incl. Cross-shipment loading/delivery & requesting missing orders on the end device
  • Correction of geocoordinates by the driver in case of address deviation
  • Event Manager: e-mail dispatch after status message
  • Emergency moving alarm
  • Order-managed telephony
  • Customer, contractor and sales connection via web portal
  • Disposition for subcontractors
  • Document Management
  • Document scan
  • Tour dispo according to predefined zip code and / or according to geofence areas
  • Secured order execution
  • Arrival monitor for forecasting the arriving vehicle at the depot/warehouse
  • Website whitelist on the terminal
  • Customized training videos for drivers on the end device

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