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Driver app for transportation

active mobile – for trouble-free status recording

All info on your smartphone

Cell phone instead of hand scanner: active mobile is an app that enables any smartphone to track a shipment, record its status and report any damage. The use of this app is particularly useful when additional subcontractors are used in times of high capacity utilization or when long-distance transport companies are controlled without personal on-site contact by the forwarder.

Fields of application:

  • Long-distance traffic
  • Local traffic
  • When using subcontractors
  • In times of high utilization

The complete profile of active mobile

Best equipped
  • active mobile is an app for status recording via smartphone, which eliminates the need to purchase additional MDEs
  • The app runs on smartphones with the Android operating system
Fahrer App für verbesserte Prozesse und Kommunikation

Features and benefits:

  • The shipment information for each tour is simply loaded into the app via login or barcode scan
  • All tasks can be completed with a few clicks
  • The driver can record the status, report damage and document the delivery
  • The confirmation of receipt by signature takes place directly on the smartphone
  • In case of queries, the dispatcher or recipient can be contacted directly by phone call or e-mail
  • The app can navigate the driver to the receiver (many popular navigation systems can be used)
  • The dispatcher sees the current status of the vehicle and the shipment, which is displayed at each change and at regular intervals (configurable)
  • Operation is simple and does not require extensive training
  • Replaces costly scanner solution. Especially in ad hoc situations such as the use of subcontractors and during peak periods
  • Digitizes the receipt with signature and picture directly on the smartphone
  • Steers third-party companies through their business processes
  • Guides through all tasks to be done with few clicks

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