PLG reporting tool

Statistics tool for logistics

The application of the statistics tool

With our innovative software pLG-Reportingtool you always have the most important key figures of the warehouse in view. The comprehensive statistics tool tames your company’s seemingly endless flood of data and identifies potential for improvement through its comprehensive and at the same time efficient monitoring.

Diverse reporting functions

Statistics tool

Extensive reporting features create the exact report that gives you insight into your performance. The pLG reporting tool provides descriptive statistics from the complex key figures of your warehouse. You can then share the visualizations with other departments or use them for presentation purposes.

For further processing, the reports are provided to you in different formats (PDF, HTML, Excel).

There are virtually no limits to the functionalities of the pLG reporting tool. This makes it possible to combine data from completely different sources and to prepare it graphically. The design tool offers various display options such as flash graphics, pie charts, column charts, bar charts, history curves, charts or tabular views. Tame your data overload and use our solution to reduce reports to the metrics that really get you ahead. You can also use our software solution to make qualified statements about your warehouse performance over time. For this purpose, the pLG reporting tool offers you comparative statistics in individually definable time periods.

This is what you can expect from our statistics tool:

  • Design tool for qualified data analysis
  • Clear preparation of your key figures
  • Merging data from different sources
  • Effective monitoring of your warehouse processes
  • Analysis tool to increase your business performance
  • Version-independent
  • High level of customization Report output in PDF, HTML, XML, CSV, Excel
  • Variety of display options in history curves, diagrams or tables
  • Comparison periods individually definable

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