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What is meant by the term order picking?

Picking refers to the compilation of goods and merchandise that are ordered from a complete range. This collection process can be single-stage or multi-stage, whereby the picking process is transmitted to the respective picker – whether human or machine – by means of pick lists or electronic transmission.

Efficient order picking

Modern solutions

Our software solutions aim to enable companies to move away from paper-based order picking and instead opt for a paperless alternative. This enables an optimum material flow within a warehouse management system.

You can benefit from many advantages with paperless picking. Picking times are shortened, the error rate when picking items is reduced and processes in the warehouse are optimized. This also significantly reduces the costs per picking process.

Paperless picking is an important step towards modern and efficient warehouse management. Our software solutions support you in this step and enable you to automate and optimize your picking processes.

The pLG picking solutions

Optimize your warehouse processes

Our software solutions offer many advantages for paperless picking. Shorter picking times, reduced error rates, optimized warehouse processes and lower costs per picking process are just some of the benefits that can be achieved by using our software solutions.

Mockup Warehouse Management System

The advantages of our order picking software:

  • Our software solutions enable shorter picking times thanks to paperless picking.
  • The use of our software reduces the error rate when recording items.
  • Our solutions optimize processes in the warehouse, resulting in a more efficient material flow.
  • Paperless picking significantly reduces the costs per picking process.
  • The use of our software enables high picking performance.
  • Our software solutions are easy to use and require a short training period for the employee.

The perfect solution for your order picking

Optimizing picking processes

Our picking system takes different strategies into account, such as the parallel picking of goods or single and multi-level picking. Semi-automated order picking is also no problem within your intralogistics with our order picking solution. We analyze the organizational process in your warehouse, develop suggestions for improvement and thus optimize your order picking process.

Order picking with MDE
Picking with voice
Dispatchable order picking
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