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What is a pick and pack process?

The pick and pack process is a logistical process that is used particularly in the field of e-commerce logistics.

The special feature here is that the goods (e.g. products or articles) that are taken from the shelf (“picked”) are not first taken from the warehouse, but are put directly on site into shipping containers such as cartons (“packed”). A delivery bill with product details and quantities is then signed and enclosed with the parcel. By using automated systems such as our pLG Pick & Pack solution, picking and packing is accelerated, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity.

Our software solution pLG Pick & Pack

Dispatchable order picking for online store integration

Our pLG Pick & Pack software module enables order and item-related volume calculation (dimensions and weight). This means that the correct shipping carton is already provided during order picking. The use of this optimization solution eliminates the need for subsequent repackaging before the goods are dispatched. The pLG Pick & Pack process speeds up the throughput time in your warehouse considerably. The software module can be quickly and easily integrated into existing logistics systems.

Mockup Warehouse Management System

The advantages of our software solution pLG Pick & Pack:

  • Quick and easy integration of an online store
  • Ensuring short delivery times
  • Maximum transparency and up-to-dateness of all stock movements
  • Demand-oriented and efficient provision at the picking stations
  • Cost reduction through optimized processes
  • Improving the service level of your logistics
  • Increased flexibility in the processing of customer orders
  • Customized picking trolleys enable a combination of pLG Pick & Pack and parallel picking

The advantages of the pLG Pick & Pack software

Avoid mistakes
  • Online inventory management
  • Less administrative work
  • Complete documentation
Increase efficiency
  • Automated processes
  • Quality assurance
  • Documentation obligation
Save time
  • Short distances
  • Faster throughput times
  • Optimized processes
Reduce costs
  • Forward-looking warehouse planning
  • Fewer shortages
  • Better warehouse utilization
Order picking with MDE
Picking with voice
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