Material Flow Control / Inventory Management Software

What is meant by the term material flow?

Material flow control is an important process in the area of goods movement. It coordinates and synchronizes all material and information flows that ensure that goods are ready – at the right time, in the right place, and in the right quantity and quality. It ensures throughput performance in line with demand by optimizing the sequence of work steps, monitoring order processing and distributing travel commands to the PLC of the machines or systems.

To ensure this, material flow computers (MFR) are connected to the inventory-managing warehouse system (WMS), which generates the transfer orders and then sends them to the MFR.

The material flow control system pLG MAT

Link between warehouse management software and automated warehouse

The material flow control system pL-MAT from proLogistik is the perfect interface between your warehouse management system (WMS) and the automated warehouse.

It offers you the optimal solution for controlling automated warehouse and distribution centers by flexibly coordinating and controlling your material flows in the application.

This guarantees a smooth flow in the warehouse

Optimal material flow control

Our system solution pLG-MAT controls automated storage and conveying equipment. It receives its transport commands from the higher-level warehouse management system, and passes on the control commands directly to the supporting control system. Thanks to the modular design, it is possible to visually display processes and ensure a smooth flow in the warehouse through constant monitoring and control.

The integrated transport optimization ensures that the system can react flexibly and early to all requirements. For example, it can detect blocked partial paths at an early stage and bypass them immediately. The pLG-MAT control solution simplifies the warehouse process, organizes all goods movements and communicates with various components. It combines pallet and tote conveyor technology, storage and retrieval machines, and packaging lines from different manufacturers to form the heart of a fully automated warehouse.

The Material Flow Control System pLG-MAT:

  • Is expandable due to its modular structure
  • Makes warehouse processes controllable and manageable through process visualization
  • Enables foresighted action through visualization
  • Enables user intervention
  • Is compatible with various avalanche automatic storage solutions
  • Ensures flexibility through integrated transport optimization
  • Detects and bypasses blocked partial paths

The advantages of pLG MAT inventory management software

Avoid mistakes
  • Online inventory management
  • Less administrative work
  • Complete documentation
Increase efficiency
  • Automated processes
  • Quality assurance
  • Documentation requirement
Save time
  • Short ways
  • Faster throughput times
  • Optimized processes
Reduce costs
  • Forward warehouse planning
  • Fewer shortages
  • Better warehouse utilization

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