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What is inventory management?

Balancing inventories and capital

Inventory management refers to the process of ordering, storing and using a company’s goods or materials. The aim of inventory management is to keep stocks as low as possible and delivery capacity as high as possible.

Having a lot of goods in stock also means having a lot of tied-up capital. However, if there are not enough goods in stock, bottlenecks can occur and orders cannot be delivered quickly enough. Companies need to find a happy medium – with the help of optimized inventory management.

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Why is inventory management important?

The key to efficient business operations

Inventory management has a direct impact on a company’s success through fast deliveries, capital savings and increased efficiency. It leads to greater customer satisfaction, a better brand image, higher profitability and competitiveness.

Optimized inventory management has the following advantages:

  • Direct influence on the success of a company
  • Ensures sufficient stocks to deliver orders quickly and reliably
  • Leads to higher customer satisfaction and strengthens the brand image
  • Helps to save capital by preventing too much stock being stored
  • Prevents excess stock from taking up space in storage rooms, becoming obsolete or losing value
  • Contributes to more efficient work, more satisfied customers and cost savings
  • Leads to higher profitability and increased competitiveness

The proLogistik Group
Inventory management software

Digital solutions for inventory management

Inventory management software can be a valuable support for companies by improving the efficiency of their inventory management processes. The benefits of such software include more accurate demand forecasts, automated stock calculation, more efficient ordering processes and much more.

The advantages of pLG inventory management software

More precise demand forecasts

The software uses advanced algorithms and can access a wide range of data to create a more accurate forecast of demand than would be possible manually.

Automated stock calculation

The software automatically calculates the optimum stock level for each product, saving time and resources and minimizing errors.

More efficient ordering processes

The software makes it quicker and easier to place and track orders, which keeps stock levels more in line with demand.

Real-time monitoring

The software provides real-time monitoring of stock levels and allows adjustments to be made before shortages or overstocks occur.

Better warehouse organization

The software helps to organize the warehouse and ensures that the warehouse can be managed efficiently and quickly.

Data analysis and reporting

The software makes it possible to collect, analyze and report data in order to assess and improve the effectiveness of inventory management.

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