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Forklift control system software

What is a forklift guidance system?

A forklift guidance system (SLS) controls the use of material handling equipment such as forklifts and is essential in any large warehouse. It optimizes the processing sequence of the orders and the routes of the forklifts to avoid empty and search trips – after all, efficient transport is the basis for an orderly flow of materials between incoming and outgoing goods. It also ensures smooth warehouse management and sufficient replenishment in order picking.

And it is precisely for this complex transport process that the forklift guidance system pLG-Trans from proLogistik has been developed. It controls your forklift fleet in a path-optimized and priority-driven manner, taking into account the driving job types and vehicle functions.

The forklift guidance system pLG-Trans

The self-learning forklift control

With the forklift guidance system pLG-Trans, proLogistik has automated forklift management. The optimized deployment control and dispatching of the vehicles is fully automated with the help of the special forklift control system software.

By means of a central, EDP-supported deployment control, the forklift control system organizes the transport sequence of the forklift fleet in a route- and order-optimized and priority-controlled manner. The highlight of our forklift guidance system: In terms of route optimization, pLG-Trans is self-learning – so it can be used directly without any maintenance effort. It learns all relevant routes independently and continuously optimizes your vehicle fleet.

Throughput times are improved, empty runs and downtimes are drastically reduced. In addition, the intelligent forklift guidance system automatically learns the new routes during restructuring. The result is efficient utilization and reduced wear and tear on the fleet, as well as improved personnel deployment.

For an optimal material flow, all floor conveyors are connected to the EDP of the control center. This is done via wireless data transmission technology. The control center software also receives its transport requests online via decentralized, stationary terminals or from higher-level host systems and can thus always assign the optimal transport order.

The automated and powerful forklift guidance system pLG-Trans:

  • convinces with 100% path optimization
  • Optimizes throughput times
  • is a self-learning forklift control system
  • is individually configurable
  • Takes into account the forklift characteristics such as the lifting height or load capacity
  • Can perform clocking of different transport types depending on priority
  • also enables complicated transport chains by means of transfer stations
  • can take into account the skills of employees can

The advantages of the pLG-Trans software

Avoid mistakes
  • Online inventory management
  • Less administrative work
  • Complete documentation
Increase efficiency
  • Automated processes
  • Quality assurance
  • Documentation requirement
Save time
  • Short ways
  • Faster throughput times
  • Optimized processes
Reduce costs
  • Forward warehouse planning
  • Fewer shortages
  • Better warehouse utilization

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