Zero-defect picking

Zero-defect picking: 100 % reliability as target value

Picking that is entirely perfect would significantly increase efficiency in logistics. Due to low error rates and thus eliminating correction steps (returns, etc.), there would be an economic effect that is noticeable. Accordingly, zero-defect picking can be understood as a concept or claim to process all orders on which it is based 100% correctly.

This would mean: The correct item is picked in the correct quantity. Regardless of the quantity. Anytime. This requires tools such as pick-by-light, pick-to-light, pick-to-voice, or mobile data collection devices.

Important: Zero defect order picking, also known as zero defect order picking, is not only aimed at economic aspects, but would also increase customer satisfaction if this claim were achieved - and thus positively influence the company's position in the market. The prerequisite for this, however, would be to monitor all processes and identify potential deviations at an early stage. This goes hand in hand with an enormously high degree of mechanization, based on extensive automation.



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