WLAN in the warehouse

WLAN in the warehouse: Indispensable

Modern, efficient logistics depends on the use of suitable technology. Intralogistics solutions in particular help with networking in the warehouse, although certain requirements need to be met to ensure smooth operation. WLAN in the warehouse or the use of network technology is therefore a prerequisite and at the same time the Achilles heel for logistics processes. Forklift trucks need to be connected, mobile scanners need to be available at all times or machines need to be controlled that are dependent on real-time information about stock levels.

Requirements for the use of WLAN in the warehouse

Aspects such as cold, heat or even humidity influence the functioning of network technology in the warehouse. However, switching from indoor to outdoor spaces is also common in warehouses, although connectivity problems must not be allowed to arise here. This is why WLAN solutions specially designed for the industrial sector are typically chosen for the warehouse. So-called. Industry Access Points are distributed at many individual points and allow a network connection even under adverse conditions (rear areas of the warehouse, dust, etc.).

Special case of rack storage: In addition to the basic challenges, rack storage systems also store many products with metallic components, depending on the industry. This has an impact on data transmission and requires a special approach.

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