Waterproof Panel PC

Waterproof panel PCs in industry and logistics

A waterproof panel PC is a computer which is protected against moisture of any kind. This includes:

  • Splash water
  • Jet water
  • Condensation
  • Direct water influence

Such panel PCs are designed to work even in humid conditions and can also be operated. For this purpose, they are usually equipped with a special touchscreen.

Where is a waterproof panel PC needed?

Waterproof panel PCs finds application wherever a computer may be exposed to moisture on a regular basis. These include, above all, industry and logistics. Here, for example, these panel PCs can then also be mounted outside, where they defy evaporating water and rain.

But also in the warehouse or production facility, they are thus protected from any moisture. Often, water is used for cooling or some moisture gets into the halls and onto the panel PCs through industrial trucks.


Logistik Lexikon Wasserdichter Panel PC

Image: gwycech / Shutterstock

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