Warehousing systems

What are warehousing systems?

In order not to lose the overview in the warehouse as a warehouse keeper, warehousing systems are used in this subarea of logistics. These contain all the important information about the stored goods, such as:

  • Weight, dimensions and shape
  • Consistency
  • Turnover rate
  • Special storage conditions and safety precautions
  • Durability

Based on this information, the warehousing system can then determine the optimal storage location for a good. For example, the turnover rate is important for the transport route. If a product is served frequently, it should not be stored in the back corner.

What types of storage distinguishes a storage system?

The storage system distinguishes between two different types of storage. In the fixed bin principle, each stored good has a predefined bin which may not be occupied by any other good. Here we also talk about the rigid bearing.

In chaotic or dynamic warehousing, goods are moved to the next available storage location. Especially here, the use of a stock management system is advantageous in order not to lose the overview.

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