Warehouse planning software

Warehouse planning using software : For maximum flexibility and efficiency

Warehouse planning is critical to success, because only a flexible and scalable warehouse can be adapted to changing consumer and purchasing behavior and other specifications. Software-supported warehouse planning takes a look at the dimensioning, structuring and organization of the respective warehouse capacities. The subsequent detailed planning then focuses on goods handling within the warehouse.

An overview of the schematic process:

  • Planning and concept development, including with reference to material flow data
  • Analysis of possible extensions or a retrofit
  • Identification of existing optimization potential
  • Simulation and emulation of processes and procedures
  • Customization of specific functional areas
  • If applicable. 3D-supported warehouse planning

Important: A prior location analysis makes it possible to create a holistic picture of all warehouse-relevant key data and KPIs. This in turn serves as a planning basis for constant adjustments, expansions and optimizations for warehouse planning using software.

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