Warehouse organization

What is warehouse organization?

Whether for intralogistics processes, shipping to customers or procurement management, an efficient warehouse organization ensures that goods and merchandise are always in the right place when they are needed. Each area of the warehouse is thus linked to a product and also specifies the form in which goods are stored.

Warehouse organization explained: The differences between a chaotic and fixed warehouse organization

How do goods get into the warehouse, how are they distributed and replaced? The system on which the warehouse organization is based provides the answers. In practice, there are generally two systems that we would like to present in more detail.

  • Fixed location system or fixed storage organization

With fixed storage organization, each incoming item is allocated a fixed bin, also known as a fixed bin system. Goods are usually subdivided or organized according to product groups that differ in terms of frequency, value or size - this ensures, among other things, that the right picking systems are in place. The advantage of clearly assigned sub-areas in the warehouse for individual goods is obvious, but buffer areas are needed to be able to handle peaks in capacity utilization. The degree of utilization of the fixed space system is therefore not optimal.

  • Chaotic warehouse organization

With chaotic warehouse organization, the allocation principle is that incoming goods are always placed where the next available space in the warehouse is. In order to establish this system and use it efficiently, an efficient intralogistics concept based on technical aids is essential. By having order pickers constantly "in the flow" and following instructions from the computer, a high degree of efficiency can be achieved both in terms of throughput times and the degree of utilization of the warehouse.


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