Warehouse management software

Terms such as warehouse management system (WMS) and warehouse management system (WMS) are usually used interchangeably. Originally, warehouse management software stood for business-oriented software for managing inventories and storage locations, which also takes into account their interdependencies. In the narrower sense, a WMS is an inventory management system that can be expanded to include additional functions, such as the control of conveyors for storage, retrieval and transfer.

For more complex systems which, in addition to the basic functions of warehouse management software, also include extensive applications for monitoring system statuses, scheduling and continuous process optimization, the term warehouse management system has become increasingly popular. WMS software therefore offers a significantly extended range of functions and is primarily used in larger logistics and distribution centers.

Both WMS and WMS software can be supplemented by expansion modules, for example for order picking control using pick-by-voice or pick-by-light, material flow control and/or transport management. The integration of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) can also be realized in this way.


Logistik Lexikon Warehouse Management Software

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