Warehouse management

What is warehouse management?

The most basic function of a warehouse management system is warehouse management and its main task is to manage the goods during storage. The basis of warehouse management is the warehouse structure, which is made up of the locations, storage centers and storage locations. Warehouse management can also be described as the link between goods receipt and goods issue.

Medium-sized companies in particular are still working with slips of paper instead of modern IT support. There are still numerous capital reserves that could be released through appropriate modernization measures. As logistics processes become increasingly complex, the demand for optimizing hardware and software for the warehouse is growing. On the software side, warehouse management is usually carried out with the support of a warehouse management system (WMS). The warehouse management system is an inventory-managed system that manages the various relationships between stocks such as assortment, batch, article and their storage locations, e.g. storage location, storage compartment, storage bin: Storage location, storage compartment, storage bin and storage aids.

The warehouse management software offers users from a wide range of industries all the functions they need for optimized and efficient warehouse management and keeps control of storage, retrieval and transfer processes at all times. Suitable warehouse management software can therefore make intralogistics processes more transparent and clearer.



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