Voice-assisted picking

Voice picking is a process in which the warehouse employee receives all relevant order information - such as the storage location and the number of items to be picked - via voice command on their headset and also communicates with the system themselves by voice input.

Picking is carried out using voice recognition via the voice client. There are both speaker-dependent and speaker-independent systems on the market. The advantage of a speaker-independent solution is that the application is not assigned to a specific user, but can also be used with frequently changing personnel.

This method offers maximum freedom of movement, as the worker always has his hands free and can concentrate on his work without being disturbed. Hands-free working improves the ergonomics of the picking process and helps to optimize workflows.

Another advantage of order picking: time-consuming searching is eliminated, error rates are reduced and picking performance increases. This results in improved delivery quality, increased customer satisfaction and more efficient order picking.

Advantages of a speaker-independent solution at a glance

  • Application does not have to be assigned to a specific user
  • Freedom of movement
  • Optimization of work processes
  • Search not applicable
  • Error rate decreases
  • Improved delivery quality

See also Pick-by-Voice


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