Virtual warehouse

Virtual warehouse: 3D planning of storage areas

The design and planning of a warehouse is relatively complex, as it is necessary to think both within the boundaries of the warehouse itself and in relation to external factors (incoming and outgoing goods, etc.). Especially for the development of flow charts and other processes, it is advantageous to consider all details of the warehouse by means of visualization. A virtual warehouse is therefore a software tool that can be used for the initial planning as well as for the expansion of warehouses - in recent years not only through 3D representations on the computer, but also for training purposes for order pickers etc. using VR glasses.

Depending on the intended use, a virtual warehouse can also be a virtual warehouse that, unlike the classic warehouse, not only covers the physical stock but also provides a link to retailers. This means that product ranges can be flexibly adapted in e-commerce, for example.

Important: However, a virtual warehouse is predominantly understood as part of logistics planning, which is based on a virtual environment and helps to visually map logistics processes, trace routes and thus better identify weak points.


Logistik Lexikon Virtuelles Lager

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