Tray storage

What is a tray warehouse?

Tray warehouses are a special type of warehouse, which are used in logistics and industry. Stored goods and load units are placed here on so-called trays and stored with them. In this way, a new loading unit is created from the tray and the goods.

The shelf is a kind of its own shelf and can be put back into the shelf after loading. It is usually made of sturdy sheet metal and has an identical size throughout the warehouse. To prevent slipping of goods, the edges of the shelf are bent upwards.

What are the advantages of tray storage?

Tray storage systems are particularly suitable for internal material flow, such as in a manufacturing company for the storage of intermediate products or parts. This is mainly due to the advantages of the trays:

  • Very sturdy construction
  • Uniform size
  • Automatic transport possible
  • Automatic storage and retrieval possible
  • Storage space is optimally used

With these advantages, tray storage systems are often built as small parts storage.


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