Tablet computer

What is a tablet computer?

Efficient and mobile working with the tablet computer

A tablet computer, often simply called a tablet, is a flat, lightweight and therefore portable computer. Equipped with a touchscreen, it is ideal for working on the move.

Most tablets can be loaded with special operating systems or programs. As a result, they can be converted into specialized application devices and are therefore used in many companies and industries. They then offer the following advantages:

  • Easy handling (operation like a cell phone)
  • Space-saving
  • Light
  • Flexible application options (through appropriate software)
  • Connected to other systems via interfaces such as WLAN or Bluetooth

Tablet computers in logistics

In logistics, tablet computers are used wherever constant mobility is required. This primarily includes the area of warehouse logistics. The tablet computer can be used to open warehouse management systems and carry out inventories - even when the operator is on the move in the warehouse itself.

Tablets also offer many advantages for order picking. You can display the exact location of the products you are looking for and also calculate the most efficient routes in the warehouse.


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